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Microsoft Word - add a 'Select All' icon to Word's toolbar
(Word 97, Word XP/2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010)

1.  Word 2007/2010...
  Add a Select All icon to Word's toolbar.
2. Word 97, Word XP/2002 or Word 2003...
  Add a Select All button to Word's toolbar.
  Change the Select All button to an icon.
1.  Word 2010 and 2007
In the latest versions of Word, there is an area next to the Office orb (top left-hand corner), called the Quick Access Toolbar, to which various pre-supplied icons can be added.
1.1  Add a Select All icon to Word 2007/2010
If you cannot see Word 2007/2010's Quick Access Toolbar, right-click on the Office orb to enable the toolbar.  There are only a few icons on there by default, usually Save, Undo and Redo.  But you can add loads more for, say, printer, print preview, scanner etc. - anything to avoid having to use shortcut keys or wade through the confusing maze of time-wasting tabs and ribbons all the time to get to your favourite commands.  The only icon we are going to add now, by way of example, is for the ever-useful Select All command.
Assuming you can see Word's Quick Access Toolbar, choose the Home tab > mouse over to the RHS of the Home ribbon, at Editing, right-click on Select All > click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
That's it, done.  You should now see a new icon as in Fig 1.
Fig 1  In Office 2007/2010, conventional toolbars were replaced by context sensitive ribbon arrays.  The downside of ribbon toolbars is that they are not customisable by the user in the way that the toolbars in Office 2003 or earlier were.  However, there is a new Quick Access Toolbar next to the Office orb to which icons for useful, common options, like 'Spelling & Grammar' or 'Select All', can easily be added, as shown below...
The Select All command is a very suitable icon to place on the Quick Access Toolbar.  Having that icon immediately above the counterpart icons for Copy and Paste (on the Home ribbon) is an efficient working arrangement.
2.  Word 97, XP/2002 or 2003
One of the great things users could do in Word 97, Word XP/2002 and Word 2003, which users of Word 2007/2010 cannot do, was customise the icons on the toolbars to exactly how a user wanted them to be.  Icons could be moved to better positions, never-used icons could be removed, icons for extra functions could be added, icon designs could be modified using the toolbar's built-in Button Editor, and icons designed in MS Paint could be imported via a Paste Button Image function.  Fabulous flexibility.
2.1  To add a Select All button
The majority of the available toolbar buttons in Word 97, XP/2002 or 2003 were in the form of icons.  However, one which wasn't (until Word 2007) was the Select All command.  This came not as an icon but as a rectangular button with the text-string label 'Select All', giving a result similar to that shown in Fig 3.  Instructions for adding that button to the toolbar are contained in a small zip file which can be downloaded by clicking a blue link lower down this page.
Fig 2 (below)  For those lucky enough to still be using Office 2003 with its more logical, traditional toolbars, a default "Select All" text-button can be added to the Standard toolbar.  The text-button can then easily be changed to a nice icon, as shown in the screen-frag below.
2.2  Change the Select All button to an icon
If you are using Word 97, XP/2002 or 2003, and have successfully applied step 2.1 above, you may feel you would rather have a proper icon, like Fig 2 right - or Fig 4 for older Words, rather than the text button seen in Fig 3.  In that case, the text-button can be changed to an icon using Word's built-in Button Editor.  This nifty feature allows anybody to draw a toolbar icon from scratch, if they are so inclined.  However, we have done this already for the Select All function, so the icon image merely needs downloading and importing into your copy of Word.
There are actually two icons in the zip-file download.  One is a shadowy icon, intended for the elegant toolbars of Word 2003 (see Fig 2 right).  The other is a standard flat icon suitable for Word 97 through to Word XP/2002 (see Fig 4).
To change your 'Select All' button to either of the icons, click the blue link just below.  The zip file is a mere 3KB in size.
After downloading the zip file, extract the contents.  You will receive two small icon images and a text file explaining what to do next.  In just a few minutes, your own copy of Word 97, XP/2002 or 2003 will have this useful new addition, just as you can see in Figs 2 or 4.
   "Select All" icon       

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Fig 3 (below)  If you are still using Office 2002 or earlier, it's the same as with Office 2003.  First add the "Select All" text-button, as shown in the screen-snip below.  Then turn it into a nice icon as shown in Fig 4.
Fig 4 (below)  The screengrab below shows how Word's standard "Select All" text-button in Word 97 to Word XP/2002 (as per Fig 3) can be smartened up by turning it into a small icon.

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